投稿日: カテゴリー: NISA


It has been almost 8 months since I had opened a NISA account at the end of February.
So far I spent 600,000 yen out of 1,000,000 yen, which is the dealing limit, by buying and selling brands below 100,000 yen.
I got 20,000 yen in profit by selling the brand that share price had increased!
What I felt was that if you want high reward in short term, you should go for normal trading and in that case, you need to prepare at least 1,500,000 yen for operating fund. (You have to pay 10 % of your gain on sale and each trading requires you commission.)
NISA is the stock trading system for the people who can’t afford to use 1,500,000yen for investment. However, since its dealing limit is only 1,000,000 yen, you’ll spend all easily after short-term trading. It means that you might lose the chance to buy the brand you wish to buy when its price comes down to the price you can reach to. Therefore, we have to convince ourselves that a medium-to long-term investment, ex. For 2 or 3 years term would be better for NISA trading and one-tenth gain profit would be left in our hands at most.
So if you only have 200,000 yen, you will get 20,000yen and 300,000yen brings 30,000yen. This rate of interest is much better than fixed deposits, but you always have risk to lose your money, so you must not just leave it as it is. You always need attention on newspaper and the economy part of news column.
Moreover, the most important thing is you must keep in your mind that this is an investment after all, so you should continue saving monthly and do this aside.
The above is my impression on 7 months trading experience.
Thank you for reading.